Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why I Teach

My last class this afternoon was special........usually I have 15 or 20 students, but today there were only six.   It was interesting as they came into the room, you could feel the could feel their need.......they were seeking.  I tossed aside the plans I had made for that class, and taught straight from the heart......watching as they moved through the asanas, feeling the energy in the room change.
The last posture we did before relaxation was supported fish......their bodies seem to melt into the pose.  I watched stress leave their faces.

I played one of my favorite cds, something called Zen......and it is very Zen like.  As the sound of flutes and chimes and cello drifted through the room, they eagerly got ready for savasana.  As I began our guided meditation, breaths slowed, muscles relaxed and I watched as each one allowed their breath to take them where they needed to go.......a couple fell asleep, the rest were in that magic place between awake and sleep, deep relaxation.

When class was over, each student remarked about how much they needed the class today, and each one told me how the class gave them what they needed.  As a teacher, those are the moments you teach share the breath, the movement, the meditation and know that the students "got it".
A couple of them shared remarkable insights that had come to them the past few days in class......some days, I wonder why I I knew why.


  1. What a wonderful peek into your day. I love it when someone "gets it". It makes their day AND yours- xo Diana

  2. You're a fabulous teacher, Jilda! Very caring and emphatic!
    Have a good Easter! Take care

  3. Yoga is my religion. To you and all the yoga teachers out there....Nameste