Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dogwood Cloud

I know that some of you got snow today.......everything is blooming here and the temps are dipping down into the 20's tonight.

Our dogwood is massive, it fills one side of our front yard.  This evening as I entered our driveway, the beauty of this white cloud of flowers took my breath......I love when it blooms at Easter.

My wish tonight.......sunny days and warmer temps for all who have endured the endless winter.
I hope our blue skies and dogwood blossoms brighten your day.


  1. Blossoms on the trees and bushes have appeared like magic. Blink and it is spring.

  2. It looks beautiful Jilda... I am sure we will have that soon too :) Have a lovely day :)

  3. From your blog to God's ears! I do believe it's sunny out and the temps are in the 40's today. At least I hope it's that way. I'm still at work and we don't have windows in surgery! We did get a few inches of snow yesterday...so sad! Thanks for sharing your beautiful tree!