Saturday, April 12, 2014

Music In Your Voice

A friend called me had been awhile since we had talked and she had gone through a most difficult time......but as we talked and laughed, I knew her time in darkness was over.....there was music in her voice.

After we talked, I thought about her and the storms she had weathered......I thought about other friends and their storms.......and I thought......I want to hear music in all of my friends' voices.
I have heard that joy, that giddiness in two phone calls this week........and it fills my heart with gratitude.  We all deserve joy, we all deserve giddiness and laughter and musical voices.

Sometimes, we don't believe we deserve the good stuff and because of that belief, we just keep attracting more and more bad.......but when and if the light comes on, when we truly believe that
we can rewire our brains, that we deserve the comes to us.  And that is not to say, there won't be bumps in the road.....those bumps are part of life, we all have them.......but for goodness
sake, don't think that you deserve them, don't think that life is nothing but bumps in the road.

On this Saturday night, my wish, my prayer for you......that sometime tomorrow, there will be music in your voices.....that your friends will feel your giddiness and be grateful for your joy.

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  1. Oh- Yes- I love to hear music in a person's voice- the lilt of a happy heart-there is nothing quite like it. I pray that others hear that in your voice in spite of all you have gone through- xo Diana