Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring, the Good and Bad

We awoke to thunder, wind and rain and a call from our local weather station telling us straight line winds were headed our way.......that was at five this morning.  Thankfully, other than a few tree limbs blown about there was no real damage.  I believe I mentioned earlier this week about not being envious of our lovely spring weather that we would pay for it.  More of the storms headed our way Sunday.

Calliou does not handle stormy weather with calm, he paces, he tries to get in bed with us and when all else fails, he gets in Rick's shower.  Our new dog, Taz never blinked an eye when the storms rolled through this morning.....she seemed a little miffed that we were getting up at the crack of dawn......though she did bark when when heard things blowing around on the deck.

As we walked today,  I was amazed by the difference a few days had made........Monday there were bare trees and a hint of flowers blooming, can see green in all the trees, the dogwoods have bloomed, the pine pollen has arrived and there is a carpet of wild violets in front of the old farm house.
When Mother Nature decided to welcome spring, she wasted no time.

A low key weekend for us, next week is treatment my "juice is low".  Wishing you all a weekend of sunshine, and at least a quick hello from spring.

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  1. Yay... there is hope after all... We had a semi decent day today.. I actually got a quick walk in and enjoyed it immensely... I am so looking forward to getting out regularly... :)

    Get some rest before your treatment so that you will be able to cope better, I will pray and send out good thoughts for you Jilda :)