Thursday, April 10, 2014


#28......there must be some strange activity in the stars and planets, everything seems a little topsy turvy.
Treatment #28 today, met my new doc today.

Normally I do treatments on Wednesdays, but the new doc doesn't see patients on Wednesdays so I had to reschedule the treatment.  The infusion room was packed, the big green chairs were on overtime.  Meeting a new doctor is worse than a first date could ever be.  There is forced politeness,
and a strained intimacy.......he has seen my records, he knows everything about me, I know nothing about him......except he has six kids.....busy man.

I missed my chair buddy today, I missed my friends that  make my very long day not so long.  Even Rick was busy today and couldn't hang out with me.  I made new friends, I always do. It has been one of those weeks when I don't feel present, I seem to be more of an observer than participant.

The nurses were so busy today, no chats, no laughter.  A long day seemed even longer.
Days like today, are a challenge to the healing process.......trying to stay positive and upbeat.....
practicing what I teach.....letting go of worry.....remembering to breathe......
I am exhausted.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Many hugs Jilda. Such big changes for your treatment today. No easy in any way. Prayers.

  2. I dislike it when medical things get changed around. Especially if you are in a regimented treatment. It make it all feel so alien. Blessings and serenity to you- xo Diana

  3. Get as much rest as you can this weekend, don't over do it... Hopefully this will not go on much longer... Have a really good weekend Jilda :)

  4. Our chemo Doc was taken away...he's an employee of the Cleveland Clinic...I know everyone thinks that's the "mecca" of health care when it's really a mean spirited business organization...and now we don't have chemo done here and everyone loved him. As health care workers we hate it when changes are made. I hope you settle in and your new physician is a good one that you'll come to love. Have a wonderful weekend!