Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bird Watch

Our bird feeders have become almost as busy as the Atlanta Airport......hummingbirds buzz the front door, the little blue buntings made their appearance this weekend.....this evening there were eight of those brilliant blue birds sitting in the Rose of Sharon waiting patiently for their place at the feeders.

We have three types of woodpeckers, ( they love the suet) and cardinals aplenty.......and our first blue jays visited a couple of weeks ago.  Rick says I'm feeding the doves so much bird seed that they are almost as big as our chickens.

For me, watching those birds feed, bathe and interact with each other is as soothing as meditation.
If I can spend a few minutes a day bird watching, life seems to go much smoother.  Their chatter and songs create beautiful music and I am astounded by their polite ways.  Even the bossy ones know their limit.

Our neighbors do have cats.....and the cats do tend to think our yard is a kitty McDonalds.....the good news, our Yorkie Taz will bark those cats up, anytime they come around the feeders.  Taz likes to bird
watch too.


  1. Awe sweet Taz taking care of the birds... I love seeing birds in their natural habitat ... being free to go where they want... lovely :)

  2. I love watching the birds, too. We are waiting for our indigo buntings to make their 3 or 4 day layover at our house on their way north. They are just gorgeous and only here on their way north but don't stop on their way south. We have blackbirds this year and they are miserable and scaring our finches off- I keep shooing them but it kind of a losing battle I am afraid.

    It is good therapy!!!! xo Diana