Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy and Grateful

It was such a beautiful day today,and I had plans to clean out my closet and plant tomatoes.......but it seems I had forgotten today was the day I see my pulmonary off to Birmingham to see the wizard. Just routine tests, and such and good news.......I wasn't better, but I wasn't worse... and stable for me is good.  Rick and I had lunch, a nice drive home, and a nap.  The closet and tomatoes can wait.

Once upon a time, a few years ago.......the closet and tomatoes would not have waited......I would have done everything.......I have learned my lessons well.  My days of doing it all are over.  I mourned them at first, because my whole life I could do it all......chronic illness laughs at people like me.....and teaches difficult lessons.  Life changes.....we can make the best, do  what we can and be happy or make ourselves miserable.  I choose happy.

We can choose to be really is our choice. We all face bumps, hills and mountains in the we choose to deal with those obstacles, well that is how we live our lives.  So tonight, I choose to be happy because I am could always be worse. Stable means the treatments are doing what they are suppose to do, and I am grateful.  That also means treatments continue, after all they are life sustaining......and I am grateful.

I hope your hump day was as good as mine......back to teaching tomorrow.......and a gig this weekend.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams.


  1. I am glad you can choose happiness Jilda... this is wonderful ;-)

    Sometimes it's not that easy... I haven't slept for 7 months (not more than 3 to 4 hours in a night... and usually not together) which really plays havoc with everything.

    I never give up believing happiness is there... it's difficult to choose happiness when depession takes over... I keep working at it ;-) Have a great week♡

  2. Years ago, I could not turn off the light before going to bed without folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen, grading papers, getting ready for school the next day.
    Health has a way of changing that. It did for me, and my life has been richer for it. Not easier, but I have learned to enjoy the smallest things, turn them over, and write about them.

  3. I still struggle with that "do it all" illness. It is hard for me to let things go -but I am learning that my world is not going to end if I have a messed up closet or a dishwasher that needs emptying.

    I think maybe it is harder for people like us-who are "busy" and have always been able to do not only OUR share but someone else's share, too.

    Glad you are choosing happiness and even happier that the treatments are working! Whooo Hoooo...xoDiana

  4. I'm so glad your health is doing good...atleast in stable mode..God bless the green chairs! I have a closet..mine...that screams at me everyday to clean and purge..I will...I promise..when I have time...Ha! You do much more in life than you give yourself credit for. I know healthy folks who don't work, volunteer, or I applaud you and Rick for all your activities! Have a good weekend!