Wednesday, April 16, 2014

No Agenda

No agenda....... last night I mentioned to Rick that we had nothing on the calendar for today, nothing on the day planner.  No agenda......such a rarity for all of us.  We had a late breakfast, walked the dogs, read the papers, late lunch, played guitars, I worked a little on our performance schedules.....we pretty much did whatever crossed our minds.  It was wonderful.

No is a luxury.  But, I think it is luxurious is really a mental health day. A day to do as you please, to allow your mind to slow down and follow your bliss.  We all need these days.......we need the rest, the quiet, the freedom.  It seems at times we are all slaves to something......the clock, the calendar, the schedule.  The freedom of one day, one twenty-four hour period to to do what you want, even if it's nothing at all......that is what our bodies and our minds crave.

No agenda......I know, most days none of us can afford it.......but every once in awhile, you have to splurge.  You have to do this for yourself.  Spend the day watching movies, reading a book, sleeping, walking, talking with friends......but don't plan it, fly by the seat of your pants.  No's decadent, and I admit....there was some guilt.  But this afternoon as Rick and I sat on the deck, enjoying the sunshine and blue skies, he looked at me and said, "what a great day this has been."

No agenda......take a day, a half, I can dream about a week. Your body and your mind will thank you, those around you will thank you......and the stress levels will drop.  No agenda......who knows when the next one will be......but I can't wait.


  1. When I get a "low census" day from the hospital I always feel guilty if I don't fill the time up with a million chores. It does feel good to just rest and recharge..I need to allow myself to do that.

  2. I agree, we all need to take a day to do anything we want to... it is like recharging... it feels so good :) Have a really happy Easter Jilda :)