Thursday, April 24, 2014


Meditation classes today......stillness, going inward......a very difficult thing to do, but so worth the effort.  I had a brand new student today and a student whose last class with me was today......hello, goodbye.

If you have never tried meditation, you are cheating yourself out of so much.  The simplest way to meditate......sit and breathe.  But there are hundreds of books, and cds and videos, at the library, on line and in book stores.......meditation won't make the hard stuff go away, but it will help you to deal with the hard stuff.  Meditation will change your life, but it is a practice......that means you have to practice.

Stillness, silence, peace.........we look for it all around us, we try to buy it, we abuse our bodies with alcohol and drugs to find it......but it's in us......just waiting for us to open the door......and all we have to do is sit and breathe.

Tomorrow is Friday, blessings for your some fresh food, drink pure water, sit in the sunlight and feel the breeze......and find five minutes to meditate.


  1. You keep calling my name with these posts, Jilda. Meditation, yoga-both are calling to me-I know.....

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too. xo Diana

  2. Love this, Jilda. This is something I am trying to do for myself...for my inner peace. Even the way you write about meditating is soothing. Thanks!

  3. Thank you Jilda for all your posts this week. I take them to heart.

  4. This was inspiring Jilda, isn't that the truth, we all look for peace in the wrong way, instead it is inside us.. I'm going to find more than 5 minutes for awhile... Have a really great weekend :)

  5. I'm the worst mind just wants to wander! I did do some quiet, meditating time walking a labyrinth during Easter week. The music helped me focus but I was worried I would run into the old folks ahead of me. Anyway, I guess I really do need to practice! Have a good weekend!