Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Peaceful Weekend

A good friend passed away today......and my heart breaks for his family.  In one month, his wife has buried her mom, his mom and a niece and now in a couple of days, her one month, his sister has buried her mom, her daughter,  and now will soon bury her brother.  Life hits hard sometimes. You look for answers and there are just know that sometimes, the pain of living takes your breath away and leaves you gasping.  I'm sorry, seems so trite, yet anything else
sounds pretentious.

What is it about the pain of loss that can be so brutal?  I have known extremely faithful people lose all faith and hope when loss hits.  Losing those we love leaves empty spaces in our hearts.....and no matter how hard we try or what we do.....those spaces are always there.  For most of us, after a awhile, we pick up our bruised souls and hearts and begin to live again......but for some, the wound is too great, the pain too much.....they become the walking dead.  They go through the motions of living,
but when you look in their eyes......there is no life, no joy, no hope.

This is Easter weekend and for Christians, this is the weekend of hope, the weekend of life eternal.
I don't know my friend's family's beliefs, I have suffered loss, but not this much in such a short time.
So, I ask you tonight, say a prayer, send  good thoughts, send love to my friend, Robbie's family.
May the rest of your weekend bring Peace.


  1. Sending a prayer to Robbie's family. How very awful to have so much devastating loss in such a short time. You are right-Loss is so life altering for some people that they never recover. I have seen them, too. They move through life but are not IN it.

    God bless you, too, Jilda. I know you have suffered your own battles this last year or so. I will keep you and Rick in my prayers, too. xo Diana

  2. I will send prayers to Robbie's family and positive thoughts ♥

    I understand that empty feeling... that is what I feel daily. I don't give up that it could change somewhere down the way...