Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Life Is Good

There are times in everyone's life that are not the best.......illness, death, personal issues.....at some point,
we all hit bottom.  It's what we do after the drop that defines who we are and where we are going.  I spoke with a good friend tonight, who had gone through those hard times this past year......but tonight, her voice was giddy with excitement and joy.  She has gone through the dark valley and the sun is shinning on her once again.  By the time our conversation had ended, I felt as giddy as she sounded.

Working at an addiction center, I see my share of life at the bottom, of broken dreams and hopes that have disappeared.  But, I also get to witness those first moments of sunshine coming through the darkness......to see hope and faith reappear.  I see  students come through my door, never smiling.....and then one day they walk in and their eyes have life and sparkle and a smile breaks across their face.....and I know in my heart that healing has begun.

I think that to appreciate joy, you do have to experience sadness.......it's that bitter sweetness of the salty tears that have been shed, mixing with happiness of better times that gives life its edge......that reminds us
of what life is......the costs, the pain, and finally the break through of joy.......the giddiness if you will of knowing that you made it  through and that life is good.

My wish tonight, that at some point this week, we all experience the giddiness, we all make it through and if only for a few moments......that life is good.


  1. I always try to search for those few "good moments" even when it seems my world is coming down around me- xo Diana

  2. I woud agree that to fully appreciate joy, you need to experience sadness as well. And I think it's impossible to get through life without a few sad moments. The joy of coming through is what makes us carry on in the more difficult times. All great literature shows these contrasts.

  3. I would love to feel that giddiness again Jilda... I am hoping one day soon. It is something I am working on... I agree that trials show what we are made of... some knock us down really low... but we can always come through it eventually... ;)