Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Thoughts

Busy weekend, glad to be winding down.......looks as though we will have a busy weather day tomorrow and Tuesday, keeping our fingers crossed that no tornadoes make an appearance.
Finally started the closet cleanup, slowly but surely, winter clothes will be packed and summer ones will be hanging nice and fresh.

I think an energy thief has visited our home the past couple of weeks, my energy left and I am not sure where it went.  I remember my grandmother Mamie and my mom would cook polk salad and wild green onions in the spring as a tonic to "cleanse our blood" and get us ready for warm weather.  Maybe I need to do the same. Of course once, we were out in the woods gathering the polk near a spring and a nasty cotton mouth snake reared its ugly head at me.......after that my polk gathering days were done with a watchful eye.

I do know that for me, spring has always been  a time of low energy......which I think is interesting, because most of my friends perk up when things warm up.  It must be the pollen or the shift in pressure as the storms pass through or maybe both.  But I am excited about gardening and doing a little nesting in the house.

Wishes for a peaceful week, hoping that the weather gods smile down and favor all of us.......may your Monday be a smooth one with no bumps.

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