Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weird Alignment

The planets must be aligning with another universe......it has been an interesting day at best.  This morning was beautiful, cool and sunny, low humidity.......we took Calliou and Lady for a walk.......all was well.
Coming up the side of the big hill as we normally do, the dogs were chasing rabbits, I was looking at the beauty berry bushes, muscadines that were ripening and just enjoying the morning.

In front of the barn, the dogs buzzed by faster than greyhounds chasing that rabbit on a stick.........I had on a tank top......and I noticed yellow things on my right arm......within seconds, those "things" became yellow jackets and they were stinging the daylights out of my arm.  Rick was trying to swat them off me......too late, they were on Rick also.   We made it to the house, thinking we were safe.....wrong......on of those little beasts had crawled up Rick 's shirt, soon he was being stung again.  All total, we carried about 10 or 12 stings between us.  My arm has throbbed all day.

The weirdness continued......too stressful to even mention.....now I have a pounding headache, a throbbing arm, and I am waiting on the locusts to swarm.  :)
This all shall pass.......the teacher is learning once more to practice what she teaches......and to trust that all will be well.  If you have some spare good thoughts tonight, send them my way, I can use them.
Sending you blessings of peace
Blessings of joy
Blessings of good health


  1. lol, right out of a comedy movie. I can see you two, hilarious. You brought a smile to my face today. Thanks.

  2. I hope you are feeling much better now.