Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Treatment #20

Twenty months ago today, I started my seems like yesterday.  I am stable.  That is good news......numbers are not dropping.

We had a code today, not in the fusion room, but our nurses and doctor was a little surreal, I don't think any of us took a full breath until we knew the patient that coded was stable.  Those green chairs, those drips, those codes.......all reminders of how fragile and fleeting life is.

My chair buddy Lewis came by and spent some time with me, his visits make the hours go by so much faster.  Though today, it seemed time was very slow indeed.  I am exhausted's interesting, same mix going in each time, but my body reacts differently each time.  I can barely walk tonight.  I have slept most of this evening, the bed is calling my name as I type this blog.
Wishing you all, peaceful rest and the sweetest of dreams.


  1. Sending lots of healing energy and hugs your way Jilda. Hope the side effects diminish quickly! XX

  2. Sending you lots of hugs and kind thoughts, Jilda.