Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blissful Sunday

Blissful Sunday......tying up loose ends, rest, getting ready for the coming week, lunch with my sister......
reading the comics, a nice long nap, making pumpkin has been a day of bliss.
I love these days when you don't do much of anything, yet get a great deal done.

Only a couple of days left in September.......October will be a busy month for us, gigs, travel, and doctor visits.  I smelled wood smoke in the air tonight, I think one of the neighbors has a fire in the fireplace. I  made an apple tart, with apples from our nice to walk out to the tree and pick.

There is a hot cup of ginger that awaits me, Calliou is pacing back and forth between the office and the great room......he wants Rick and me in one space.  Wishing you all a peaceful sleep tonight, wishing you a Monday that is full of giggles and hugs.

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