Saturday, September 14, 2013


The skies were so blue today, I thought I was out west.  I brought the yoga mats home from work and washed them, cleaned house, did grocery shopping......just an ordinary day.  I happen to love ordinary days.
These are the days that keep us sane, that build our strength, and that make us appreciate extraordinary ones.

Calliou is pacing back and forth between the office and the great room drives him crazy when Rick and I are not in the same room........he is a true herd dog.  His day has been rather ordinary too, chasing squirrels, nipping anyone who walks by, allowing me to pet him.  He is arrogant, high maintenance and unbelievably loving.......never had a dog quite like him.

Football season has hit the south, is it as domineering in other places as here in Alabama?  It seems  most lives here on any given Saturday or Friday night (high school football) revolve around the pigskin. Interesting
ways we choose to spend our past times.

If your day has been ordinary, count your blessings.......if it has been extraordinary, count them twice.
And if it has been difficult......know, this too shall pass.  May your Sunday bring peace, joy and rest.


  1. A collie is an amazing and loyal, loving animal despite it being bred as a herder. Of all the dogs I've ever had, my collie was almost spiritual. I swear he could see auras around us. Caillou was meant to be with you.

    I love your ending to this post. It's beautiful.

  2. I'm not keen on him nipping anyone walking past.

  3. I love ordinary days! We didn't have blue skies, but I try to remember that above those gray clouds the sun is shining and the skies are blue. (That's one of the only good things I find by flying!!) I'm glad you didn't have to do that to have a beautiful day.