Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1

Sept. 1......the warmest day of 2013 for Alabama

Sept. 1......Labor Day is tomorrow, my grandfather helped organize coal mining unions here

Sept.1.....September is always a month of change, it is like a new beginning

Sept.1....there are traces and teasers of fall, bits of color, cool mornings and golden light

Sept.1....sometimes, I miss grade school.....the smells, the sounds, my friends

Sept. 1....apples are nice and crisp, grapes are sweet and juicy mania has started

Sept. 1....I want new brown boots

Sept.1.....can't wait to smell leaves burning

Sept.1.....the first day of fall just weeks away

Sept. of my most beautiful falls ever, Grand Rapids Michigan

Sept.1....can't wait to sit around the firepit


  1. Hope you get your brown boots! Happy 1st of September!! Take care

  2. You have an A list here! It's going to get cool tomorrow and I'm looking forward to many of the things you listed. Last fall I babysat my grandkiddos in Grand Rapids for a week. It was they are in Portland Ore and I'm betting it's pretty nice out there in the fall! I hope you have a good Labor Day and I hope you're feeling better.

  3. Happy September, Jilda.
    September is a month of new beginnings.
    Have a lovely month.