Thursday, September 12, 2013

Energy, Peace and Love

New faces in classes today......some do not want to come, they are made to come because it is part of their treatment plan......not the best way to introduce someone to yoga.  Many came thinking it was an exercise class.....wrong, maybe in other class rooms, but mine is different.  Sitting and breathing for five minutes can seem like hell when you don't want to be there......and then there are the asanas (poses) and more breathing....and then relaxation (and more breathing)  Different reactions.......some loved it.....some got out as fast as they could.

All you can do is teach with as much love in your heart as you can possibly find..........and hope that something you say or do strikes a note.  Yoga is not for everyone and forcing it.......well that goes against all
that it stands for.......but I try to make it a most wonderful experience, in a peaceful setting, in a room full of loving energy.  I am drained, lots of energy expended and much more love.  And honestly, most end up loving it because it is that place of calm in what can often be a chaotic and drama filled world.

It is starting to rain and that is has been hot, dry and dusty.....cooler weather coming and I welcome it.  Sleep is greatly anticipated tonight.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. I'm sure some of them will love it, Jilda.

  2. I'm guessing most of your students haven't experienced love, peace or meditation. I'm going to bet that when you're saying goodbye to this group there will be hugs and tears and you can rest knowing you showed them a part of life that they may decide to have with them instead of the drama and chaos.