Friday, September 6, 2013

Best Friend

I dreamed about Blackie Bear last night.......he was running across the back yard, ambled up the back steps, came through the doggie door and lay down on his favorite rug and grunted........I awoke from my dream and realized how much I miss him.  We have had many dogs through the years, but Black was mine, at times I felt as though he was guardian.  After I started my treatments, he never let me out of sight........I can't believe he's been gone almost a year.

It is interesting the relationships that develop between dogs and their humans, the loyalty and love that dogs give.......I  think about all the dogs that have lived with us, each of them had such distinct personalities.....some were comical, some were needy, some could do amazing things like opening the fence gates.  We had a German Shepard that I swear could just couldn't understand him.  I had a dog named Flop that I think was probably a cat in disguise.......she weighed about three pounds, her favorite place to sleep.......on top of the back of the sofa or on top of my head in the bed.

When my father died, I had a yellow lab mix named Gibson......the day after his memorial service the grief almost drowned I lay across the bed and sobbed, she jumped up on the bed and licked away the tears.  I don't think I would have made it that day without her.

They are so often called "man's " best friend........they have been my best friend many times.


  1. They do bring so much to our lives, the only tragedy is that they are gone so quickly.

    Last year we rescued a Boston Terrier named Buddha...or as I should say, he rescued us...and he never leaves my side. Even on my ouchiest days he is right there, and usually lying by/on the ouchiest part. He's a living heating pad!

  2. Yes, even after they die, they are alive in our hearts.

  3. Awesome post! Blackie Bear was paying you a visit to let you know he's still around! Hugs