Saturday, September 21, 2013


Nesting, it is probably more a female urge than male.......well, maybe not.....Rick does clean the barn and office every once in a while.  :)
Today I had the urge to might have been the rain, the cooler temperatures, the fact that this is the first day of energy since my treatment......but since tomorrow is the first day of fall.......I decorated.
Pumpkins, harvest table cloth,  a couple of witches and black cats........and I bought a pumpkin cookie cutter and Halloween sugar sprinkles so that Jordan and I can make cookies.

Tonight, I have sat and read.......I love to read, almost anything......magazines, books, newspapers.  Reading has been one of my favorite hobbies since I was a child.  Reading took me to places I could only dream about, introduced me to exotic people, foods, and cultures.  We always have an abundance of books, this week  I finally cleaned the bookshelves and we donated a big box to Goodwill.  Next will be a box of magazines to the Senior Center.......oh yeah, those bookshelves, only the ones in the great room, there are still four more floor to ceiling ones to go.

Nesting, maybe it has to more to do with the fact that cooler weather is coming, and our bodies and brains know we will spend more time in our homes.......thus the need to make it cozy.  What ever, I also bought a new comforter for our if I could just find the energy to paint some walls.  I have learned this about my energy levels, don't push, don't overdo.......enjoy it when it's there, rest when it's not.
I think that I am resting more than doing......maybe that is some of the nesting urge too.

Wishing you a beautiful first day of fall tomorrow.......hope you get outside, enjoy fresh air and good company, eat a crisp juicy apple, buy a pumpkin!  Do some nesting.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. We went to the orchard yesterday and got some fresh off the tree apples and I'm thinking a pie is in our future! I'm welcoming fall tomorrow and hoping to get up my fall décor too! Maybe I shouldn't have taken a nap this afternoon instead of getting all that done!