Monday, September 30, 2013

Feeling Grounded

Classes today.....connecting to the earth, feeling grounded and secure.  Do you ever get up in the morning and feel scattered, not quite together?  You need to take a few moments, breathe, and allow yourself a few moments to ground.  My favorite way to ground or feel connected.......bare feet, strong stance (mountain post), eyes closed, 10 breaths.  It works.

It is that primal need in all of us, to feel secure and stable, to know in our hearts that there is a connection with something greater, a connection to every living thing.  Another great way to ground or earth......bare feet on grass or ground.....ten minutes, try it.

All of this grounding, of feeling secure.......root chakra.....and we worked on finding that balance of root chakra energy today. What can I tell you, right now.......I feel extremely secure, connected and grounded.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. I had am off day today. Not sure why but it was a strange day. I much prefer being grounded. Perhaps the beach is calling me!

  2. Hi Jilda, I was grounded as a kid once, lol...

    I did try standing barefoot in the grass a few years ago with my husband to get rid of some anger from insult someone threw at me and it worked. Just let it go and not take it personal.

    I wouldn't stand barefoot in the grass now as the ground is too cold.