Friday, September 20, 2013

Transition of Seasons

I love the transition of the seasons......summer to fall is my favorite.
When I see the purple beauty berries, I know that fall in Alabama is just around the corner......even though it might be eighty degrees.
Gentle rain falls on the tin roof tonight, Calliou is by my side.......all is right with the world.

Transition of seasons occurs on many levels.......there is the actual change of seasons but there is also a change in the seasons of life.
I am not in my winter, but I figure I  am somewhere in my fall.
Even in yoga, there is a season of sorts.......when you are young and full of energy that  is the time to develop your practice, as the years go by you build your asanas, strength and stamina, then as you mature you concentrate on breath and a daily practice that suits your body.....and finally, in the winter of your life, the breath and meditation, you have finally learned to sit in silence and be present.

Spring in Alabama is beautiful, yet volatile, the beauty exquisite, yet the magnitude of storms with their destruction and death horrifying.  Summers are lazy, hot and humid......I have always sworn that the humidity goes to the brain and causes the creative juices to ferment like the muscadine wine hidden in family basements.  I think the humidity has spawned the likes of Zelda and Scott,
the Delta blues, and southern gospel, and maybe these days, football fever.

Fall doesn't shimmer with the range of hues here as it does in the north and east, but we have our own range of earthy color and clear blue skies........seventy degree days, fifty degree nights are perfect for me, throw in some rain and that is pretty much an Alabama fall.

Winter.......can be disappointing..........with warm sunny days, ( I know, those in the north think I am crazy)
and a second tornado season.  But, once in a blue moon.......we get snow and cold temperatures.....and I dance with joy.

Whatever season is your favorite, whatever season of your life you are living.......enjoy where you are, remember, just like the weather, just like the seasons........transitions take place daily in each of our lives.



  1. Beautifully written Jilda...I feel like I've visited your area from reading this. We are in the tweener stage of the season here in Ohio. It's fall tomorrow but it was 80 something the last few days. However, 60's and 40's for the next week I think! Anyway, we do get the fall color and I love this time of year. In my life, I'm in the fall. My color is more grayish..except for Miss Clairol's help! The crazy "tornados" in my left knee are my torment..but I will get that taken care of and I'll continue to enjoy the rest of my fall life until Miss Clairol and I part company and I enjoy the white of winter! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Yaya, I love your wit and wisdom, thanks for your wonderful comments, you made my morning.

  2. Yes, Jilda, we're not lazy here in the South, we're just fermenting!

    I do love the way you wrote about these transitions, of season and age and body. I have to remember that each season has its beauty and rewards and that to try to hold on to yesterday is fruitless. Transitions are easier when I don't fight them. A different kind of treasure lies ahead.

    Your post was simply beautiful.

  3. I read this post yesterday and I didn't have time to comment.
    Beautiful post, Jilda. I like all the metaphors and how you describe the seasons in Alabama and how you relate them to your life.
    I think I'm going through an "inner spring" now. I do have some dull, rainy days but rain is part of spring. Rain is necessary.
    Happy Sunday.