Sunday, September 8, 2013

Random Hugs

It has been a hectic weekend........we were in south Alabama, visiting with friends, helping with an Alzheimer's walk and playing a gig last night.  Because our air quality has not been good, and the humidity has been very high I did not walk the walk yesterday.  I was sitting at a picnic table as the walkers were gathering at the starting line when a beautiful older woman walked by me and smiled, she then came to me, hugged me and told me that even after she was gone, she would still be with me, she would watch over me.
I felt peace and incredible love as this lady hugged me.

She was an Alzheimer's patient, but for that moment the clarity of her thoughts, words and the look in her eyes was breath taking.  That is not the first random hug that I have received in my life..........once a small child around 3 or 4 years old, broke away from his parents as I entered a store in Mississippi, ran to me with his arms outstretched, hugging me so tightly it took my breath.......he screamed and cried as his parents pried him from my arms.  Once again, as he hugged me.......I felt peace and love.

It has happened so many times, in strange places, among strangers........I am not sure why......but I do know, I feel as though I have been in the presence of extraordinary beings each time it has happened.  Some might say all these random hugs were just coincidental, but I think not.  I think those hugs have come into my life when I needed them the most, as reminders that I am loved and watched over.  Each time it happens, I feel the peace, the love and great though the universe was sending me a gift.

So tonight, my prayers, my wish for all of you........random hugs.........I hope they come when you least expect them......when you need them the most.......random hugs.....don't take them for granted.  


  1. Jilda, based on my experiences and knowledge from reading, those were NOT coincidences! In fact, I think it's pretty amazing and they must have seen or felt something to make them deliver those hugs. Someone was sending you a message! Cherish!

  2. Beautiful post, Jilda.
    A big hug your way.

  3. Those are wonderful moments in time to always remember! Hugs back to you!