Saturday, September 28, 2013

Time and Work

Have you ever reached a goal and then........well, you just can't believe it.  We finished our cd today, there is a little tweak to be done by the producer tonight and then tomorrow.......on its way to pressing.
There have been some snippy moments in the Watson household the past couple of weeks, creative energy,
fatigue, and a  difference of opinions can make us all a little testy.......I am glad to announce no blood has been shed.

I still can't believe it is done and I can't wait until I can hold one in my hands.  This all ties in with what I wrote about last night......use your talents.  We may not be the best singing birds in the forest, but we're singing silence for us. Tomorrow night, we'll celebrate.......including a gratitude ceremony.
It has been a long time coming, and it sure didn't come the way I had dreamed of recording a cd earlier in my life.......but it's here now, at the time it should be.....the way it should be.

Rick and I are exhausted tonight.......but very very happy.  Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday and to remind you......dreams can come true.....with time and lots of work.

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