Sunday, August 11, 2013

Those Who Believe

Our musical "think tank" met this afternoon.......this group has been such an inspiration.  As a collective, we are quite diverse.......everything from fusion to traditional country to original rock-a-billy to blues to folk.  The pic show only four of us, Rick snapped it as we were all getting ready to go home today.

Each member of the group has just finished or is currently working on a cd.  As a group we are also working on a compilation cd, which will show case all our genres.

There are times when creativity seems to have vanished forever from my brain, but spending time with those who believe in your talents, who love you
and want to see you succeed is the perfect fuel when the flames are dying to embers.
There are  times in life when you look around, at the people you meet and how they have influenced you.......and you marvel at how incredibly lucky you are, at how blessed you are that your paths have crossed.  There have been times in life when friends did not believe in me or my talents........sadly, I kept trying to figure out what I was doing took a while to have to find those who believe in you, you have to have those who cheer you on, you have to have those who want you to succeed.

Tonight, if you don't have someone in your life who believes in you, who cheers for you, who wants you to, and find someone who will, who is what you love, and surround yourself with those who believe.

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