Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cookies and Cupcakes

It has been a strange, stressful few seems I had a reaction to one of my meds over the weekend.  It was quite frightening, everything is fine today.

Since I felt better today, Jordan spent the day with us.  We did have to go into Birmingham for me to get checked out by my eye doc, but then we ate lunch at one of Jordan's favorite places and afterwards went for snowcones.  On the way home, he decided since I felt so much better, it would be nice if we made cookies and cupcakes........I thought he meant one or the other.  Wrong.

When we got home, he informed me that we  needed to make both, that it would be a great surprise for his mom........yep,
we made sugar cookies and chocolate cupcakes. The kitchen still has a light coat of sugar crystals on the floor and counter tops.
Everything was yummy, and he was correct......his mom was thrilled, and a little envious because Jordan had so much fun today.  Cookies and cupcakes, what a day!


  1. I think you had just as much fun as he did lol

  2. That sounds like a great day. When our kids leave the house, there is plenty of evidence they were there. Makes me happy.