Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm Back

A better day today.......another downside to treatments, I lose a few days.  But, today.....I came out of the pj's, walked the dogs and ventured out of the house for awhile.  My limbs no longer feel like jelly, my temp is normal, the headache has almost gone.  Happy Dance, I'm back!   almost.

I realized this afternoon that today is Friday......this has been my great nephew Jordan's first week at the big school, he is in kindergarten and loves every minute of it.  He has already informed his teacher that I am available to help her at any time, that Rick and I will bring the guitars and sing, and that I can bake cookies or cupcakes when ever she wants them.  :)

Walking the dogs today, I noticed the evidence of what is just around the corner......fall.  Hickory nuts are starting to drop, muscadines are ripe, tinges of color are beginning to show in the leaves. Even though it was warm and humid today, the light is different......the days are getting shorter.

Wishing you all a weekend that gives you what you need.......time, rest, fun, love, peace, good food, good friends.

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