Monday, August 19, 2013

Disappearing Summer

Almost a full moon, wispy clouds, a few lightening interesting evening.  A sunset full of orange and deep purple, after a day of rain.......our weather has been a conversation starter for weeks now.
Moon salutations for class.....greeting the moon.....welcoming the changes that are coming whether we want them or not.  Summer is coming to an end, school is is different.

Can you see the difference in the morning light, have you noticed the days are shorter?  The afternoons warm, yet the mornings have a gentle coolness......tinges of yellow in the leaves, apples getting their rosy glow......butterflies and humming birds seem frantic to get that last taste of summer.

Wishing you time to enjoy the last juicy melons, to sit and enjoy the fireflies dance in the night,  and feel the hot sun on your skin..........walk barefoot on the grass, and drink icy cold lemonade.  Summer is almost gone, hold her tight, she'll disappear soon.......leaving nothing but memories.


  1. I have noticed the darker mornings. I have to mow the yard earlier in the evening because it's getting darker earlier. School started today around these parts and some trees are already turning colors. I love fall, but I do want to hold on a bit to some summer days! I'll have to follow your list! (Even the lighting bugs..fireflies..have started to put out the lights and go home!)

  2. I love this time of the year! There's something about the way the cool mornings turn into hot afternoons and temperate evenings here in my corner of NJ that is most pleasing. But I know that in just about 4 weeks I'll be wearing long sleeves and donning a jacket in the morning wishing for summer to return!