Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lessons From Lady

Lady is Jordan's dog......she's a mutt that he and his mom found on the side of the road when she was maybe six weeks old.  She has become our part-time dog since Jordan has started to school.
Every morning after Jordan and his mom leave, she comes over to our house and waits at our front door.

Lady is a good size dog, maybe 60 pounds......she thinks she is still six weeks old.  She sits on the steps with her rear on the top step, her feet down below.  Her favorite activity......gnawing on Calliou the collie's head......well, that and trying to jump up trees to catch squirrels.  I swear, I have since her jump at least five feet in the air trying her best to snag a squirrel.  She never gives up.  Lady believes that  she can catch that squirrel that sits in the top of a fifty foot white pine and laughs at her.

I watch Lady and think about the lessons that she can teach to all of us.  Play hard, run with abandon, take naps, drink lots of water,
eat when you are hungry, have fun with kids, never give up on the dream of catching that squirrel, accept every hug someone offers you, don't mess with skunks or snakes.  There you go, life lessons from Lady......or as Jordan calls her, Wady .


  1. What good lessons Lady has to teach us! Every single one you wrote here! And your previous post on using your talents was an encouragement to me, too. Thank you.

  2. Lady is wise and wonderful! Yay! take care