Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Anger is not always a bad thing.  Allowing anger to take over your life, to build and fester into resentment is a bad thing.  But sometimes you have to get angry to survive.  I have a good friend who has come through a year of cancer......surgery, radiation, chemo.....today there is no cancer in her body and that is wonderful.
Today she is angry.....about the loss of a year of her life, her health, and the loss of those she met in the chemo room who didn't make it.  She looks in the mirror and sees a changed woman and she knows she will never be the same.  She is different now, she looks different, she feels different.

Though I am not battling cancer, I understand the anger. I understand the guilt of survival, the loss of parts of your life, the changes that take place physically and emotionally.  Yoga teaches to feel the anger, acknowledge it, and then to let it go.......don't hang on to it.  The one thing that  helped me most with the illness/anger issue.......the phrase "why me, why not me".  Those five words help me to keep it  all in perspective.

My friend and I have talked a great deal about anger the past couple of days and she is working through it.
She mentioned today about how old she felt, how much older she thought she looked.......illness is aging, but health is beautiful......I told her she was glowing now......that she looked younger today, than she did a year ago......healthy is beautiful and today she is healthy.

My wish tonight, that whatever anger any of your are dealing with......it is important to acknowledge it, but it is more important to release it......anger is much like cancer it will consume you, until there is nothing left....be aggressive in its demise and get on with your life.

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  1. My friend Donna has gone through a similar situation with cancer...she's dealing with it great, but I'm sure behind closed doors she has her own feelings. I'm just glad she's healthier today and still here with us!