Monday, August 26, 2013

Bring Balance to Your Life

Balance.......those were the classes today.  Physical, emotional, mental.......the balance has to be there.
Most struggle with balance, especially when the whole class deals with balance......some get angry, others embarrassed, most laugh at themselves......that is why it is a yoga practice.  Balance in any part of our life can be difficult to obtain and maintain, and on any given day you can rock it or lose it.

Balance classes have to be fun, a little tongue in cheek.......that struggle to be like everyone else, to perform as well as your neighbor will suck the joy right out of class if you take it too seriously.  So we laughed a lot today, but there were also intense  moments and delightful moments when someone balanced for the first time.  That's what happens when everything comes into balance.....delightful moments.

So, how's your balance tonight?  all work, no play, time for everyone but you, bad food, no exercise, no fresh air, no water.......NOT balanced!  Balance takes practice, one small movement at a time and lots of breathing......start with my five minutes of breathing, or two minutes of breathing every morning before you get out of bed......add one or two minutes of stretches.....get up and drink some breakfast.....find one thing to be grateful for.........this is how you bring balance to your you can practice tree pose.  :)

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