Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2

August 2......normally I do these posts on the first day of each month, but August slipped in before I knew it.

August there anyway to slow the pace of time?

August 2.......still not fully recovered from treatment #18, this one has been a bear, and I fear I must have poked him

August 2......the hummingbird feeding frenzy has begun, we get buzzed each time we walk by the feeders, those little hummers are everywhere right now

August 2........while gathering flowers for a bouquet today, a rather large black, yellow and blue butterfly chose to land on the flowers in my hand, I heard a very faint clicking sound, I spoke to him and he looked at me, very surreal experience

August 2......our yard is the most beautiful it has been in years, green, lush, and the flowers are brilliant.

August 2......the goal for August, complete our cd

August 2......if you ever want to watch a simple beautiful movie with an equally beautiful sound track, watch makes me homesick for Ireland, we watched it of the best compliments we ever got, a friend said the songs reminded him of those that Rick and I write

August 2.....homegrown tomatoes, eating them everyday, will miss them when they are gone

August 2.....the sunflowers are as large as plates, covered in honeybees....and we know where the bee tree is

August 2.....wishing you summer blessings, an abundance of fresh food, beautiful flowers and warm sun on your skin and blue skies above you

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful post, Jilda.
    (I will check that movie).
    I love hummingbirds. They are special creatures.
    I hope you will feel stronger soon.