Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Delicious Dreams

Delicious dreams......sometimes they truly are delicious.  I dreamed that Rick and I were with our friends Joel and Anne ( who have both passed on) we were playing guitar and singing and laughing, and at some point in the dream, we told them we had to leave........they both looked at us and said oh no, please don't go, this is so much fun.  I woke up this morning with a smile on my face and love in my heart for our friends and so very grateful for the power of dreams and memories.

No, not all dreams nor memories are good ones.......but the good ones are the ones you cling to, the ones your cherish and never let go.  The good ones get you through difficult times and mine did.......I had a very difficult weekend.....I suppose my mind knew that I needed to feel  love and happiness in a bad way, so the memories, the good dreams gave me comfort last night.....and I am thankful for that.

At times during my life, I have kept a dream journal.....it is pretty amazing what your dreams will tell you.....how they can help solve problems.......send you wonderful lyrics and melodies.....and basically sort out the garbage that collects in the mind sometimes.  Dreams have helped me affirm my path, have connected me with my parents when I missed them so much it seemed my heart would break, and crossed the bridges of time and distance with remembrances of friends.  Dreams have helped me understand my fears and taught me that I can wake up and rewrite the ending to those images  that scare me.

Here's wishing you all the sweetest and happiest and most delicious dreams tonight, may you all wake up with smiles tomorrow.

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  1. What a sweet dream, Jilda.
    Dreams are powerful. I have vivid dreams too. Some of them are precognitive. Others aren't, but most of them are meaningful, even if they are nightmares. I pay attention to them. Writing them is a good idea.
    Hugs to you.