Friday, August 16, 2013

Life Is Short

Finally, after not seeing each other for a friend Nancy and I met for lunch today.  What can I tell you, life happens.......I have been sick, her husband has been sick, we have both dealt with loss.
But today was wonderful, we laughed and it was just as though we had seen each other yesterday.

This had been a difficult week, lots of changes going on, and it's the week before my next treatment so my "juice" is running low.  But seeing Nancy today was good medicine. We promised each other it would not be a year before we saw each other again.
Life is short, it is complicated, it is messy, and it is crazy.........but there is nothing like spending time with a dear friend to put it all in perspective.  Rick and I are seeing several friends this month, I didn't do any bookings for August because of work on the cd, but I did set up dates with friends.  I also got to spend time today with a cousin that I had not seen in several's interesting, we have the same disease.  Very different backgrounds, and at different stages, he lives in Florida.  Today was the first time to meet his wife and daughter, we had a great visit, including his mom and two sisters and Rick.  It has been a good day.

What can I tell, what can I encourage you to do, what kind of transformation information can I give you tonight?  Find the time.......find the time......find the spend with friends and those you love.  Call, send a note, visit if you possibly will never regret the effort, the energy, the time.......because life really is short.  A year will be gone in the blink of an eye, then two, three,.........
life is short.

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  1. Meeting or taking with a good friend is "good medicine".
    I agree. It's good to know you had a lovely time with your friend. Take care, hugs.