Sunday, March 3, 2013

Unfold Your Myth

" Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.
Unfold your own myth. "  - Rumi

Have you ever known someone who seemed to live their life through someone else?  Maybe at some
point in your life or even now, you might be  living your life  through others........time to spread your wings,  unfold your own myth!

I think that my myth has unfolded nicely......many times I have lived fearless, when there was indeed great fear in my heart.  I highly recommend leaps of faith......your story, your myth will unfold quickly. Don't sit in the dark corner, waiting for someone to shine a light on you.......light your candle and light up your world and everyone's around you.

I watched an incredible documentary last night, about a woman from Selma, Alabama, Kathryn Tucker Windham.  It is such a beautiful film, but Kathryn's story creates the beauty.  She was a newspaper woman, when very few women were.  Always fascinated by other people's stories,
she became a world renown story teller.  I had the absolute joy to meet her several years ago, and when she died, Alabama lost a rare treasure.  She created her story by writing and speaking others'
stories.  If you like documentaries, I suggest you watch Kathryn, the story of a teller.

Your myth may not inspire a documentary about your life, but then again it might.  Our lives are so
entwined with each others, by not living your story you have cheated many.  Whether you believe this or not, your story should be told........unfold your myth.


  1. I'm using my blog to tell a small part of my life. It's simple but hopefully the blog books will be enjoyed by family. I'm going to start putting some memories into a few posts so they can be added to the everyday and be recorded for my kids.

  2. Kathryn sounds like a true inspiration!! May many personal myths unfold! Take care

  3. Inspiring post, Jilda. My next post will be about another inspiring documentary about the life of a woman.What a coincidence.

  4. A beautiful post and I recently googled her name to read more about her because of her name being mentioned on a blog. Was it here, or at Rick's? I can't remember where but I do remember being fascinated by her and wishing I could have heard her.

  5. I agree with Yaya, about using my blog to record my story. It's a great place to start.