Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Music, My Best Friend

Rick and I have a FaceBook page for our music gigs.  Not only have I been posting up-lifting quotes on my regular FaceBook page, but I am posting musical quotes on our music page.
Here is the one I posted tonight.

"Music was my refuge.  I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness."  - Maya Angelou

I could have personally written this quote.  As a young preteen and teenage girl, music was my best friend.  Whenever I was down, unsure, and felt was there.  I listened to everything, from Peter, Paul and Mary to the Stones, to show tunes.  I loved the Doors, and Dylan, Dusty Springfield, Linda Ronstadt,  and Patsy Cline.  If I had a drug of choice as a teenager, it was music.

I used my allowance to buy records or fabric to make my clothes.......When my parents were not at home, I would crank my stereo up as loud as it would go, and then sing along at the top of my lungs.
I played piano, I would have been dangerous if I had been any good at it.

I was gawky and skinny, unsure and blushed fire red every time someone spoke or looked at me.
But when I listened to music, when I sang.......I was that person I knew in my heart I would grow to was food for my soul and spirit, for the woman yet to come.

I can remember as a child,  my sister had a music box and if I didn't pester her too much, she would let me gently wind the key and dance to the tinkling melody.  Even as a five year old, I understood the power of music.

Music helped me to understand that there were others who thought like me......and much like Ms.
Angelou, music was solace when I was lonely and terrified to face the world.  Happily, music has been the common thread between Rick and I......though sometimes, it has been the source of our pain too.  Music is everything that life is, happiness, love, terror, pain, sadness and joy.....I am so grateful I found my friend music when I was so young.

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  1. This is the way I feel about literature. Literature is my best friend, and you describe the reasons very well here. Great post.