Wednesday, March 20, 2013


POWER is on!  We got it back a little while ago........happy dance!  Thank goodness for friends, family and neighbors......we lost huge trees, around 25 or so and two days of HARD labor with the kind souls and hearts around us, the big stuff is ready to burn.......LOTs of little stuff to pick up,
yard will have to be smoothed and planted, barn roof still has to be fixed, roof on the old creative house has to be fixed, chicken house needs work, and our roof has to be checked out......but I had a HOT shower tonight!  Land lines are still out, but tomorrow is another day.

Rick and I are so tired, we can barely move.....we have a gig tomorrow night, but all those weeks of practice should pay off.....though to be honest, we have been slack the past two days.
The chickens got out of what was left of the pen should have seen Jordan, Rick and I chasing, trying to out run that crazy rooster, Zeus.  Finally, they are back in the pen.  The guys that were cutting the big trees got quite a show.  What can I tell you, I do not live a dull life!
I just hope and pray we don't get anymore storms this spring.  Our tornado season has just started, it really heats up in April, so send good thoughts.

The dogs seem to sense that a normal is returning.  They are both snoring, I think in a just a little while, I will be snoring too.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. Hi Jilda, I'm glad that your life is returning back to normal after the storm. Best of luck with your gig.

  2. So happy to see things are returning to normal. Hang in there, Dorothy, hopefully your own Wizard can keep you safe in Oz!

  3. I'm sorry you lost so many trees and there was quite a lot of damage too. I do pray you won't be hit with anything else during tornado season.

  4. Sad to lose all those trees, but glad you are safe. When the power comes back and the refrigerator is humming again and the shower is hot--well, then things feel normal again. Hope you suffer no more tornadoes this season!

  5. So many trees! I would be so sad to lose that many but the important thing is your safety and health. Enjoy that hot water! Sounds like Youtube missed a good video of some wild chicken chasing!