Sunday, March 24, 2013


This is an early blog, but we are under a wind advisory, the storms are gone, the ground is saturated and the winds are howling.......good chance, more trees will go down and power will be lost. This too shall pass.

I woke up this morning around 2:00 am in the midst of yet another rotating storm.  As I lay in bed I thought about balance......I thought about balance in the traditional yoga sense, balance in life, balance
in our weather........when anything is out of balance, the dominoes start to tumble.

In yoga, we work on the actual physical properties of balance, you know like standing one foot.....we also work on the balance of bringing body and spirit together, the physical and the spiritual.
Balance in, that is a biggie......relationships, health, wealth, spiritual, physical.....books have been written on the subject.  Now, it seems here in Alabama even our weather is out of in the heck do we balance weather?

I spent a greater part of the wee morning hours, listening to the raging storm, watching the jagged cuts of lightening cross the sky thinking of all its identities.  One thing that I realized in the midst of the storm.......our lives do hang in the balance.......and when one part shifts, for good or bad..... the whole, the yin and the yang feel it.

Balance is delicate, it is vital.  We can breeze down our path, consuming junk for our bodies and our minds.......but I promise, when the balance is gone......we pay a most costly price.  Everyone I know,
is searching for balance these days......they may call it love, recovery, religion, health, whatever......but in the's balance.  I hope we all find ours.


  1. Happy belated birthday Jilda.
    wishing you a balance week.


  2. True! I started doing yoga and meditation again and it helps me to keep my balance. It makes me feel great.

  3. Balance is important in our lives. There is nothing we can do about the weather but ask God to protect us. The world is out of balance and it's a shame, but we can be in balance ourselves.

  4. Weather is the great unbalancer! (I'm not sure if that's even a word!) Living with definite 4 seasons and weather changes, I'm used to most things..but the sound of wind makes me nervous and I'll admit to hiding under covers at night when it's really raging!