Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I was checking out my blog this morning and as I looked at my followers, my jaw dropped......I had reached 150......wow, WOW, THANKS!......now I know that there are bloggers who have hundreds and thousands of people that follow them, but for me this was a big deal.  I am humbled that 150 people have chosen to follow my blog.

I appreciate every one of you.  I hope that in some way, my words and sometimes photographs bring something to your daily life.  I started this blog as a way of spreading hope, as a way of letting others know that someone cared......when the treatments started, it became a way to let others who sat in those green chairs know that someone understood, that I knew what it was like.

You have encouraged me, and there were days when I really thought about giving up and shutting this blog down.  You have sent me love, and hope.....and laughter.  I don't get to read your blogs as often as I wish, but I visit as often as I can.  Your comments are appreciated, the time you spend reading, is even more appreciated.

Tonight, I send blessings of love, wishes for good health and great joy.......and most of all, THANKS!


  1. Ahh, one of my favorite things when I check my blog roll is to see what pearls of wisdom I might garner from you each day! I'm thrilled that others are hearing your sweet, kind and wise words!


  2. What is life if we don't support one another? Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations on your 150 followers.