Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 2

March 2.... I usually do this blog on the first day of each month, but I thought that my day with Jordan needed to be shared yesterday.

March  2.......cold and snowy, March truly came in like a lion

March 2.......several gigs this month, practicing like crazy

March birthday is this month, so is my sister's, her best friend,  two nieces and two nephews, my sister-in- law's, several friends.....there will be many celebrations

March 2......third treatment of the second year, next week

March 2...... I started the song-writing course from Berkeley today, it is interesting

March of my favorite holidays, St. Patrick's Day is this month.....yes, Irish food will be served at the Watson house

March 2.......Easter is this month, so is the change to Daylight Saving's Time ( I am not a fan of the time change, in case anyone cares)

March 2.....the first day of spring arrives this month, spring is beautiful here in Alabama, but the weather can become so violent......I have mixed emotions about spring

March 2.......In 1993, we had a blizzard here in Alabama, 18 inches of snow covered the ground for almost a week, on the third morning, it was 22 degrees in our house.

March is a month of change and with all the birthdays, an acute awareness of how quickly time is marching on


  1. I do like this idea, Jilda - mind if I borrow it?

    Hope your treatment goes well this week :)

  2. Happy March, Jilda! Lots of exciting things going on...

  3. We share the same birthday month. Mine is on the 14th and I'll be 63.

  4. I ignore Daylight Savings Time. I can do that as I work from home. I say there is God's Time and Daylight Savings Time and God's Time is good enough for me. This causes some arguments as my husband loves having it stay lighter in the evenings. I like a long dark night. I've never understood why we have to have this change. What man, for surely it was a man, started this abomination? Do I sound frustrated?