Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time Change Rant

Today was the first day of daylight saving's is a blessing and a curse, well for me....though most people that I talk with love it.  I understand about coming home from work in the spring, summer and fall and still having daylight, I really do.

For me, it is such a struggle, I naturally awaken when the sun's rays peek through my blinds every morning.......but now that means I wake up and hour later.  My body and head feel out of sorts, and even my most beloved coffee and its heavenly aroma can't jump start this fog.  The dogs seemed out of sorts this morning too, sleepy, slow, not quite ready for their morning walk.  I think this time change messes with your body rhythms.

I personally think that this Daylight Savings Time has helped to increase the dumbing down of Americans.  Study after study has shown  that less sleep leads to weigh gain,  thought processes slow we really exercise more, isn't it just an illusion of more time, do kids need to play ball until ten every night?  It seems this just exacerbates the running on empty syndrome that so many of us experience.  More daylight after work, less sleep, more time to multi-task, and in the fall our mornings are spent in darkness, which I think screws with our systems even more.

Forgive me for my's the time change, I am all our of sorts.   :)


  1. Amen! I thought I was the only one!

  2. I just wish they would pick a time and keep it...give us time to adjust. I hate the forward, backward dance every spring/fall. I actually do better with this one, but I hate having to redo my brain again! Hope you get some sleep and get back in mojo form!

  3. Ours is yet to come.. I don't like the summer time changing but I must admit to looking forward to the winter one as I feel I get an extra hour in bed!!

    Hope your body adjusts soon! Take care

  4. Hmmm, I do have to adjust over the days as far as my body clock goes. However I love the extra hours of daylight in the afternoon and evenings. Guess it's a glass half empty full thing! ; ))