Friday, March 8, 2013

Good People, Good Energy

I love meeting new songwriters.  I met several today, and they were awesome.....good singers and writers.  There is something about creative energy, the more you are around creative people the energy just increases.  I think that concept applies to anyone......if you are around negative, grumpy, glass half empty types.....that energy, that thought process rubs off on you.
Just think about the people you love to spend time with, I bet they are loving, fun, positive........
and they make you feel that way too.

I have a friend who is a breast cancer survivor, she gave me great advice......spend as little time as possible around those who bring you down, avoid them at all is short, why do you want to spend it with those you do not like?  I think of her words often, she is a strong beautiful woman, who has been there for me in my time of need.  Her words ring across my brain almost daily.  I admit we all endure certain people because we have too,  or do we?  I call my personal version of it, getting small, becoming invisible, staying as much out of their radar as I can.  Ok, so now you know my secret.  I have Harry Potter's beloved cloak.  Ha,ha!

I hope that this weekend is one spent with those who make you feel good about yourself, those who inspire you to greatness.......those who love you.  Wishing you sunshine and enough stars to make your every wish come true.


  1. This post radiates light. Thanks.

  2. We have a few soul suckers (as I call them!) hanging out at the scrub sinks. Some have moved on to greener pastures but I do get caught up in the chatter every once in a while. I had a wake-up call this week and now I'm finding myself just backing away when the negative talks begin. When I'm with some negative Docs during work I pretend my glasses are my shield! Not a good as a cloak but I'm already wearing a sterile gown & gloves!

  3. Absolutely, Jilda, why spend our time with the "Debbie-downers" of this world when there are lots of fine folks to hang out with. :)

    Hope you are feeling much better these days.