Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ten Minutes

For the past week, Rick and I have been practicing a writing exercise.  When I read about it, I found it very intriguing, you spend 10 minutes every morning writing anything you want to......but it has to include the seven  senses of sight, touch,  hearing, taste, smell,  organic and kinesthetic.  When the timer goes off, no matter how great the thought, you are to stop writing.  The theory.......that the exercise would enable you to unlock memories, to dive into the recesses of your mind, to free your thoughts.

I have been amazed at what has surfaced through these writings, how much broader and with greater clarity those morning writings have grown.  I have also been amazed at the memories that have surfaced.

The reasoning for stopping at ten minutes, even though you may be writing some profound truth.....
it will percolate in the brain all day and when you write again, it will be even greater.

It is a fun exercise, we get our second cup of coffee, set the timer and write away.  Whether you write songs, poetry, blogs, stories, whatever.......I believe if you try this exercise it will help your writing.
Even if you don't fancy yourself a writer,  try it for a few days just to see what memories come to life......where your thoughts take you......awaken the imagination you thought had died.

If you are a student, a retiree or a corporate giant, I think this exercise will allow you to see all that is around you more clearly, to look outside and inside yourself, and enrich your problem solving skills as well.  Ten minutes each morning, a cup of coffee, a notebook and pen, a timer........try it and let me know how it goes.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Yes, Jilda, I love doing it. It awakens new thoughts, memories, ideas...

  2. That's a great idea. It does not come easily to me to describe my feelings, but that is a good exercise.