Thursday, March 7, 2013


It has been a day of rest for me.  We are facing a  busy weekend, and with treatment yesterday......I knew today had to be an easy one.  My brother Glen and his wife visited me today, and brought me roses!  Glen named me when I was born, I was unexpected, later in life for my parents......he had a girlfriend named Jilda and begged my mom to name me after her.  He married a Shelia and she has always been a good sport about the whole name thing.

The sun came out today, blue skies and was glorious!  I missed teaching my classes today.  Sadly there is no way that I have the energy to teach for a few days after treatment.
I missed my students, but I will be ready for them by Monday.

Spring is trying her best to appear...... daffodils are every where, the pink plum is in full can smell its faint powdery smell when you walk by the gate.  Tiny almost  microscopic buds of
yellow green and pink are appearing on the tips of branches.  The weather guy is sending out teasers that we might hit the 70 degree mark this weekend......I'll believe it when I feel it.  But the sunshine felt like the universe sent a blessing to all mankind today, a warm sensation of love with a promise that change is coming......just hang on.

Wishing you all a Friday that is filled with sunshine, may you all feel the warmth  and love.


  1. Too bad those treatments zap you so much. Your spring is farther along than ours. We had mid 40 degree and it felt warm. Almost all of our snow has melted. Take care!

  2. Greetings of the day & thanks giving to my dear readers for ur support..keep in touch..GOD<3U

  3. Glad you had sunshine on your feel better day. I am hoping to get some of your warm weather heading our way this weekend.
    Bring on the warm!!!

  4. Jilda, your attitude is sunshine and will go a long way to brighten your day as well as everyone else.
    Have a restful sunny day.

  5. It was sunshine here today, too, so very welcome. No plums in bloom yet but the warm weekend most likely will bring them out here in Nashville area. I'm about ready to put away all the wood throws on the chairs in hopes that I won't need them again.