Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heart Chakra

Classes today were on the heart chakra.....the link between earthly and spiritually......compassion for others and yourself.  We did heart opening asanas, we did a beating heart meditation.
I talked with the students about this time of renewal, of rebirth.......and how I thought if was fitting that they were in a rehab center during this time, renewing their lives......rebirthing themselves.

We talked about how difficult it is to renew, to rebirth.......but spring is all about renew and rebirth.....Easter is the perfect time to think about renewal and rebirth.   The color green represents the heart chakra, and green is probably the first color we think about for spring.  The color of fresh new growth springing forth to face the sun and thrive.

The sun was shinning to day, the sky was clear and bright and blue.  With a full moon this week, emotions were off the chart, but that is feel, is an important part of the renewal process.
Take a moment tonight and think about your heart, the physical one that works so hard to feed blood to your body, and the spiritual one, that not only gives love, but needs love.  Think about what you can do to rebirth your heart this you need exercise, more fresh air and sunshine, maybe you need to love yourself a little more......whatever you need, now is the time to think about your heart, about rebirth and renew.......and maybe wear a  little green to brighten up your day!

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