Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seems Like Old Times

Seems like old has been a while since we sat around and picked, just for grins.
Not practice, not writing, just picking and grinning. A couple of our friends came over for dinner tonight, who happen to be pickers and well we let nature take its course. Today was my brother Ricky's birthday, he was home alone tonight, and originally we were expecting out of town guests but they had a death in the family. So, my brother Ricky came over for dinner, our buddies came, and though it was not the night we had planned, it was memorable.

A table full of food, laughter, and many times through the years, our Saturday nights have been spent like this. The down side to performing, these nights got fewer and farther tonight was a gift and I cherished every moment. I love being in front of an audience , I crave it.....but times like tonight, are really special. The intimacy of friends, sitting in the living room, singing and playing for the sheer joy of it........sharing a meal, stories, the house was bursting with love.

I am tired, I could not hold another morsel of food, but I am happy.
Good night, Sweet dreams.

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  1. Sounds like a great evening. So glad you enjoyed it.