Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Mantra

There is a quote by Robert Frost, "anything more than the truth would be too much" and every time I read it, it is like a slap across the face. Don't you think we all tend to over analyze, over think ourselves sometimes ? We let ourselves believe that a trait or belief or feeling is going to last forever, but really it's there just as long as we allow it to be. We "read" and second guess other's actions and behaviors around us and that takes us into a world that exists only in our heads.

I think we are bombarded by so much more than the truth, every day. The media seems to thrive on taking a simple truth and over indulging until it is no longer recognizable. A normal/true serving of food or drink has been super sized into a serving that would nourish three instead of one. A "true" means of transportation, (meaning an automobile that is average, comfortable and fuel economy) has been stretched into gas guzzling, big is better monster vehicles.

How would it be to just live true? To get up, eat only until we are full, move because it feels good, drink when we are thirsty, work at what we love, spend time with those who nourish our
spirits, use our creative energies, breathe slowly and deeply, laugh daily, cry when we are sad,
and let those we love know we love them, sleep when we are tired and let go of all those things
that we have beat ourselves up about for years.

Anything more than the truth would be too much..............I think this maybe my mantra for 2011.

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