Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowy Images

Normally on Mondays I teach four yoga classes, back to back. Because of the weather, I didn't make it to work today or my class that I teach at a local community center. I feel rather off center.
We hiked in the woods today, the air so clean and crisp, it has been like a vacation......I admit
I have been really lazy.

Rick is watching the National Championship football game tonight and I have watched a couple of videos on line that I had wanted to see. It has been a nice, uneventful day.

The photo of the old house.... the house was built in the late twenties. It is at the back of our property and the barn is behind it. We are converting the old house to a writing studio for Rick, with an art studio for me. It should be completed by early summer. This is my first attempt at multiple photographs, so forgive my very basic layout. I just wanted to share my day with you all and let you have a glimpse of our rare but beautiful snow.

The dog in the photo with me.......that is Blackie Bear. Right now, he is lying on the floor as I type this blog, snoring loudly. The road, that is my road home.....and all those beautiful bare trees, in just a few months will be green. Thanks for letting me share my day, Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. You did well with the photos. The snow looks lovely, but I am looking forward to Spring.

  2. Very nice pics of the day. I'm glad ya'all are fine and enjoying the snow!