Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cage Rattled Thanks

Tonight I write this blog as a thank you........for those of you who voiced your comments on last night's post and for my friend who called and rattled my cage this morning! I think for most of us it is in our nature to want to help our fellow man, for me ever since I was a kid......I wanted to change the world, to do anything I possibly could to make it better, to do anything I could to help someone.

I just lost sight of the now last night.......I am still battling some inflammation in my lungs and the first week of the New Year means an overflow at work, I came home yesterday overwhelmed
with a loss of faith in myself and what I do. But thanks to Belle and Charlene's comments and my friend's call(who ask if I had lost my f**king mind, ha ha) I quickly regained my vision of the now and found my mind!

What would we do without the love and support of friends? even friends we have never met, yet who share their thoughts and feelings and lend their support in hard times. I would be the first to admit that every once in awhile, my cage needs to be rattled, my rear could use a kick......most of the time I prefer hugs and kind words, but what I prefer and what I sometimes need can be very different. Isn't that true for all of us?????

So, to those of you who rallied, (and ranted) thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will do the same for you sometime.

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  1. I am so glad I could help. Your blog often reminds me on how to live a better life and I appreciate it.