Friday, January 28, 2011

The Eagle

When the horizon fills, with the clouds of the storm
Small birds seek their refuge
When thunder rolls and the wind is born
The weak await the deluge

But the storm brings our the eagle
to challenge the wind and the cloud
The storm brings out the eagle
soaring high and free and proud
Defiantly facing the fury
Determined to see it through
May all the storms of your life
bring out the eagle in you

When you trials are many and your triumphs are few
and fire is down to an ember
When your spirit grows weary and your lost and confused
there's one thing that you should remember

Rick and I wrote that song twenty five years ago, the Challenger disaster inspired it.
Even today, every time we sing it, we get great comments about the song.
Tonight, I wanted to share the lyrics with ya'll.
We all have storms in our lives, some of us daily......and after awhile, it seems we do await the deluge.

When you think about the people in this country and around the world who have given their lives, doing what they believed in........we have to make sure that no one dies in vain.
Some days, no matter how beaten we is that spirit that fans the ember into a flame.
My prayer tonight, no matter the storm that is raging in your life, you have the defiance and determination to see it through.
May all the storms in your life, bring out the eagle in you.


  1. I'm trying desperately to channel my inner eagle. Sent my daughter an email said...sometimes things just arrive at the right time...home your post is one of those.

  2. Today I did have a storm. I went into my bedroom and talked with God. He brought out my inner eagle. He made me soar!

  3. That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.